Dreaming with My Eyes Open
Sunday, October 10, 2004

Well, by the request of my good friend and customer Deb, I’m writing a blog update. The post-cookieshop era is going pretty well. There was minimal fallout. I am keeping busy with IPTech , specifically customers at IPTech. We recently got the cart server up, so I’ve been very busy building storefronts. Neither are done yet, but the 4abundant health one is looking really nice (Deb is excellent at designing these things.) The second one gifts-n-more is a little bit behind 4abundant health, but that’s understandable considering that it has at present 2.5k items. (Makes the designing part a little bit harder. Not to mention multiple distributors.)

Oh, and here’s a shameless plug for EMC That’s a friends of mine, If you need solar panels en-bulk then he’s your guy (crawl webspiders crawl.)

Other than work I haven’t been up to much. I did apply for a position at the giant known as ADP. It would be a very nice opportunity for me if I got it. It would also meld well with IPTech, witch is a big plus. Oh, and for fun I’m playing with Anarchy-Online again…. One of the few games I still find fun (those guys on the other side of the lake really know how to get you playing.)

Until next time…

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