Dreaming with My Eyes Open
Friday, June 10, 2005

Today, I love IBM

I do not normally 'like' a company. In fact, when it comes to IT related companies I very rarely have anything nice to say. Not because I'm a mean evil person, just because so many companies seem to dislike their customers. I don't know why... they just do.

Today I called for a replacement Hard Drive for one of our blades. Normally, when it comes to warranty work, you have to jump through 50 hoops just to be able to send it in and have them "look" at it. Today, as before (I have had the same experience about 2 years ago), I called, they asked what the problem was, and sent me out a new hard drive overnight. I'm back up almost instantly. Not a single hoop.. and I was prepared, I had all my evidence lined up and ready to e-mail to them. The guy on the phone said "If you think it's the Hard Drive, then we'll send you out another." The whole process was just that easy.

Yes, the bladecenter and the blades are VERY expensive. But in this instance, you get what you pay for. They are, by far, the nicest pieces of equipment I have EVER worked on. And that says a lot for 14 Years of consulting. Every time I call, they are more than courteous. I have never had a problem with them or their equipment. Oh, and when I called, I was connected to Atlanta, GA NOT India (god I love hearing English.) So, in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, Here's to you IBM. Keep this up and you'll always have my business.
Picture Courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation. Unauthorized use not permitted.