Dreaming with My Eyes Open
Friday, April 02, 2004

Ok, I know that I haven't posted in... Well...Forever. All my readers are probably why I fell off the earth. Well, here's what's going on. I've been doing a lot of consulting. I finished the core of the Template interface for IPT (which means that it's close to being online.) So now I just have to get the rest of it up and running. I've been developing all kinds of systems for IPT, and my consulting customers. (Most of my consulting customers are also purchasing web-sites ... So that's good too, because I'm ending up selling a lot of sites.)

Besides work, I have Mel, who has been amazing to me. She actually puts up with how I work .... Which is to say... All the time. I'm looking forward to this weekend where I'll get a little (very little) break from the work. So I guess I'll say goodnight and go look for a place to fall over.