Dreaming with My Eyes Open
Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Ok, against my better judgment I put a somewhat normal picture here today. I'm doing that because my mind is full of static right now and I'm trying to get it back on key. Ok, here's something that took me about three days to learn (and it really sucked.)

When setting up a /etc/exports file in Linux do not export a subdirectory of another export to the same computer (with different permissions.) It won't work. It'll only take the permissions of the largest scoped directory. What does this mean? Well lets say you exported your root directory Read Only. And then exported your home directories with read-write. Your home directories will be read-only even though it was re-exported read-write. All this is true unless you put your home directories on a separate partition.

Yeah, three days to figure it out. Too bad I couldn't find documentation telling me that.

oh well. . . But I got my stuff working now so I guess it doesn't matter. I can barely remember what else I've done lately, except that my grandmother is in the hospital, I have a lot more work to do, and I have a lot of money to round up (to give to Wally.... If you know me you know why.)

My mind is clear now so..... ....