Dreaming with My Eyes Open
Friday, February 13, 2004
Ok, sorry sorry sorry.
I said I'd keep this updated but well... I'm a slacker once in awhile... Like the past couple weeks.
Hey, give me some slack... I've been working, and I have a girlfriend now... And she likes taking up my time (yeah, like I mind right?)
Ok, here's the deal, the CookieShop is doing great, the house is coming along, IPT is really taking off (i.e. lots of work for Eric), and I'm making a few dollars with consulting work. I'm starting to get the rest of my businesses set up, I have TONS of ideas for new ones...... ... It's like I'm trapped in an eternal void where I need to do all kinds of stuff and have 0 time.
Life is actually really really nice right now. I love being busy, I love having a girl, and trust me, she's been very very resilient because we all know I'm not that easy of a person to deal with day in and day out. So, ok, that's enough, If your going to the softest sound's show tonight I'll see you there. (go Charlie)....l8r's